More efficient.

Drastically reduce startup and operating costs - cut cooling by up to 85%, and possibly more and qualify for green energy tax credits. Let us help you capitalize on energy efficiency, so you can put your hard earned money to better use. It's not just our saying – we've actually reinvented cooling! And we've done so with YOU in mind. 

Our Mission

We want to leverage innovative engineering to provide green cooling solutions to the world around us. Through patent-pending technology, we help you experience powerful bottom line growth as a result of significant energy cost reduction.

Be Efficient

The CV-1 system requires <4kW of power at peak - so low, it can run on solar!

Be Cost Effective

Reduce data center start up and operating costs by up to 85%, and possibly more..

Be Nimble

Eliminate the need to construct large buildings, reduce your environmental impact and building costs, and decrease the time to get set up and fully functional.

Downtime is History

Mitigates blackout/brownout risk, so you can enjoy peace of mind.


Patent-pending CV-1 technology is redefining the status quo.

Energy Policy Act

Qualify for a 30% commercial and residential green energy tax credit by using solar power.